Wich will "blow in the wind".


Kids adore windmills, and can spend hours playing with these colourful items. They have a magnetic effect on kids, making it an attractive way to convey your promotional message. We offer a multitude of possibilities for these cost effective and charming windmills.




2 sided offset printing.

Printing colours

Pantone colours or full colour.


200 g/m˛ white offset MC paper or made from synthetic YUPO.


Windmills are delivered flat in a box (assembly required) and include white polystyrene sticks, 400 mm length, with caps, made of 70% recycled material.

Some simple assemby is equired since our windmills are delivered standard unassembled, which will save transportation costs.

Assembled windmills:  If you are interested in ordering these windmill fully assembled, we can supply them as well.


Standard size: 145 x 145 mm. (other sizes are not available).