Fánar / Veifur - hangandi


In several qualities. Offset paper, MC paper, flame-retardant PYROS and synthetic YUPO.


A clourful "line" to support your promotional campaign! No product or service is too big or small for a great promotional "line"! Our pennants aremade of different kinds of paper, and are best suited for indoor decorating. We also produce pennants made of YUPO (a soft synthetic material) and flame-retardant materials.  


Safety regulations

The government says that every company should take responsibility in case of fire prevention an that the used promotion material should not be a fire spreader. For indoor decorating we advice you pennants of flame-retardant material PYROS and for outdoor decorating we advice soft synthetic YUPO. 

Line length

5 meters, which includes 20 rectangular or triangular pennants. If rectangular flags required, 1-2 or 4 different pictures, same price.


2 sided offset printing.

Printing colours

Pantone colours or full colour.


Paper lines are available with 120 g/m˛ white wood-free offset paper, or 200 g/m˛ white machine coated paper (MC). Also available are our flame-retardant lines: 120 g/m˛ or 192 g/m˛ PYROS (with PYROS pennants, the line and the pennants are flame-retardant). YUPO-lines are available in 116 g/m˛ weight, suitable for indoor and outdoor use (upon weather conditions).

Artwork size

Printing size 15 x 21 cm. Special sizes available upon request.


Sewn to a white polyester line. Prices for colored polyester lines are available upon request.