Bjór mottur/Glasa mottur


Umgangur af auglýsingum fyrir alla!

A round of advertising for everyone!


Ţú getur ekki haldiđ pártý án drykkja og ţú getur ekki haft drykki án glasa motta.You can’t have a party without drinks and you can’t have drinks without beer mats. From sales meetings to seminars, from sports to cultural events, beer mats are everywhere! With personalized beer mats your promotional message will be center of attention and the party!




1- or 2 sided flexo rotation printing. Raster printing is only possible in screen 24 (no bled-edge or close fitting print).

Full colour in offset CMYK, screen 60 and bled-edge or close fitting rint is possible.

Printing colours:

Pantone colours of full colour.

Printing plates:

Will not be charged.


Original beer mat material.


Flexo print, thickness 1,8 mm.

Round shape, diameter 107 mm (printing size 97 mm).

Square shape (radius 5 mm), size 93 x 93 mm (printing size 83 x 83 mm).

Offset print full colour, thickness 1,4 mm.

We have 9 different shapes available. Please ask us for our PDF-file with different shapes